The Apple iPhone 8 Could Lose TouchID

By 20 februari 2017Tech

Forbes is reporting that the next iPhone, which might be called the iPhone 8 or the 10th Anniversary Edition, could lose the beloved feature for something far more advanced.

A report from JPMorgan analyst Rod Hall states that Apple will remove Touch ID fingerprint recognition from the iPhone 8 completely. In its place will come a front-facing 3D laser scanner for facial recognition.  Hall says the benefits of facial recognition over fingerprint recognition are that it is widely regarded as being more secure (something banks would prefer as mobile payment services expand) and that it will work well in wet conditions where Touch ID can be less reliable.

The cost of a facial recognition technology however would mean users would have to hold the phone upright and intentionally stare at the front-facing camera, with no foreign objects glasses, deviating facial hair obscuring the view in order for the scanner to process, which could lead to awkward situations as well as its own set of complications.

Then again cutting-edge technologies don’t come cheap and Hall says the scanner will add $10-15 more per module compared to the well-established Touch ID. Coupled with the iPhone 8’s widely reported switch to an OLED display and all new chassis, the changes are expected to push the iPhone 8’s starting price over $1,000.

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